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Correct and Simple

Executive and Technology Consulting

Consulting focused on revenue, specifically ensuring clients get maximum revenue from their technology.

The methodology

Make sure everyone agrees on what 'correct' is, and how to measure it.

Use the simplest methods available to achieve and measure 'correctness'.

Then stop.

Technology Services

Design and document the processes you need to unblock revenue. 

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Integrate any SaaS, on premise, and legacy systems to create the business work flow needed.  

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Cloud Migration

Vendor independence.  Migrate businesses to the cloud or from one cloud vendor to another.  Call for a free consultation.

Executive Services
Product Development

Turn an idea into a business ready product.  Let's see what's possible now.

Product End of Life

Make a legacy product profitable until its complete retirement.  Explore the options for profitability.

M&A Reorganization

Combine or breakup business processes, their teams, and infrastructures.  Make the deadlines, call now.



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Years of Experience
Systems, platforms, and APIs
Projects, big and small
"I've probably made that mistake, and I may have learned from it..."

25 years of experience discovering and analyzing complex business requirements, and designing and implementing solutions to meet them. Skilled at organizing and leading multi-disciplinary teams while engendering loyalty, enthusiasm and the highest level of performance.  An accomplished architect of applications, business processes and systems.

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